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Gaara Keychain


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Buy 3 Get 1 Free


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Akira Key tags aren't just cool, they're also super useful. Ever had trouble grabbing your keys while wearing gloves? With our key tags, it's easy.

Made from soft fabric, they won't scratch your car, motorcycle or other surfaces.

Choose your favorite anime character and carry it on your backpack, keys, jacket or wherever you want

They're big, so you will never lose your keys again.

Stop searching endlessly for your keys. Get one of our anime Key tags now and make your life better!

Gaara / Fearless

Naruto Keychain Collection

Gaara of the Sand, the Fifth Kazekage. As a child, seeing that no one loved him, Gaara was convinced that that would never change and he used the sand to tattoo the Kanji Love on his forehead. That's why Naruto wanted to help him.

Someone who doesn't feel love, can't fear anything.


  • Original designs on both sides
  • 12 x 3 cm Make your keys easier to find
  • Functional and easy to pull from pocket
  • Shipping to worldwide